October 13, 2007 - The update on Emily

Hello y'all,

We just got word that Emily is off the respirator and breathing on her own. If she has another seizure, she may have to go back on it, but the seizures seemed to have stopped for now. The progress is slow moving, but all signs are looking good.

It is still too early to determine if and what brain damage there is. They will be performing another EEG (measures brain wave activity) either today or tomorrow. The one test that will give them the best information is an MRI. Because of how the brain develops in the first week of life, an early MRI would be inconclusive; therefore, the doctors are going to wait until she is 5-7 days old before performing the MRI.

God is good and we are ready to accept whatever the outcome. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Only time will tell. It would be nice to be able to hold her, though.

As you can imagine, Dawn is having a hard time with this. Her body is VERY sore and she is recovering slowly. She desires to hold and nurse her baby, but Emily can't move right now because of all the machines attached to her. Emotionally, this is a very draining experience for her...and me.

Please continue to pray that we have the strength needed to endure whatever God brings our way. We know that He is in control of everything and He will only give us what we can handle. Dawn is finding out that God thinks she is pretty strong; which I knew all along. If we find that Emily has permanent brain damage, we will consider ourselves blessed that God sees us worthy of the task of raising her!

Giving HIM all the glory,


PS If you are reading this email and can't understand how we can praise God through this trial and would like a further explanation, feel free to ask me to share how God has worked in my life and brought me into a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe this is the main reason for this trial.

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