October 25, 2007 - Yet Another Update

Hey y'all,

Emily had one of her final tests on Tuesday and passed with flying colors. It was a swallow test to make sure she could eat without food going into her lungs. Because she passed, it means two things...first, she can eat through a bottle, second, she is one step closer to coming home. She gets very tired eating through a bottle, so some of the food has to be fed through her feeding tube.

As soon as she can eat all her meals through a bottle, she can most likely come home. This may take days or a week, we are unsure. We tried two bottles yesterday with no success. It is a slow process.

Many of you have asked for pictures...so here are some of "my girls."

I have to go to work, so that's all I have time for.

Thanks for all your prayers and support,

Eph 2:4-7

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